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Installing a Solar Thermal System should take some key variables accounts: housing location (solar radiation varies from region to region), number of people living in housing, the needs of daily domestic hot water, the layout of the house , etc.

The performance and durability of a solar installation depends crucially on the quality of the solar collectors.

The solar collectors are certified Junkers with SolarKeymark brand.

Solar panels Junkers to adapt to any type of roof, allow solar energy into any home. About flat roof, sloping roof, built on sloping roofs or on vertical façades, the Junkers installation systems are the ideal solution for any type of installation.



Some of the products:

Tolman Services

Collectors Solar Plans TOP Serie: FKT-2

solar panels junkers

Solar Panels Plans S-Comfort serie: FKC-2

solar panels junkers

Solar panels Smart Plans Comfort: FKC-2S