Radiant floor

Pipes installed under the floor, connected to the heating system.


The floor heating is no more than a network of pipes, installed beneath the floor of the room. Connected to the central heating system of the house, this allows the temperature distribution in a uniform and controlled individually so, room by room through the thermostats. The system can be installed on any type of infrastructure, preferably under construction or remodeling, as will be placed under the floor and covered with concrete, subsequently allowing this ground be exactly as intended.



  • How is under the floor, does not occupy space.
  • This heating system is practically invisible.
  • To be covered, not dry the air or burning dust.
  • Environmentally friendly because it does not generate fumes, does not release gases, does not cause odors or noise.
  • Uniform temperature. It is distributed on the floor, the temperature is the same throughout the room.
  • Possibility of controlling the temperature room by room, through individual thermostats.
  • It is the system that best serves the needs of public spaces such as libraries, museums, schools and churches, you can establish a comfort program for the days and hours of operation. There is no evidence that is available to users.
  • No causes premature aging of materials.
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